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Rebekah Felix

 Creating Wholesome Writing for all Ages

 Rebekah Felix: A New Author Dedicated to God

I have been a writer all my life, but only recently did I realize God’s calling to use it for His glory. It all started when I experienced my first break-up. When I began to write about it, I realized I had a lot of advice for other teens experiencing similar situations. How are we, as young people, supposed to approach life in a Godly manner? How can we follow God’s Word and enjoy our youth? How are we supposed to date without sinning? These are all questions I struggled with. As a blind person, I also found it difficult to find my place, make friends, and fit in. So I wrote a novel that reflects what I discovered to be the answers to my problems.

And that’s when I realized my goal as an author. I am dedicated to writing stories for children, teens, young adults, and disabled youth that reflect God’s values and provide quality entertainment. It can seem almost impossible to find clean romance for your teenage daughter to read, and how did all those rude jokes end up in children’s stories? I strive to provide the entertainment without the twisted morals. Once I build my collection of publications, I plan to provide something for each family member!

At the moment, I am a new author and only have one novel to contribute, In the Family. It is geared toward teens and young adults, but there could be something in there for everyone. Visit Books to find out more.

In the Family

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In the Family Cover Small Image
In the Family Cover Small Image

Can Aliyah and her friends learn to love themselves, love each other, and love God the way the Bible instructs before they lose each other for good?