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Rebekah Felix

About Rebekah Felix

 Fun Facts, Media Appearances, and More!

Author Bio:

Growing up as a blind person, Rebekah has developed a unique view on life. She has learned the importance of looking for the inner beauty in a person. After getting involved with the National Federation of the Blind, she has also learned not to let her blindness stop her from reaching for the stars. Now, she is dedicated to writing inspiring stories for all ages to share her different beliefs with others.

How Did I Get Started?

Author Photo
Author Photo

I’m sure you want to know a little about me. I’m more than happy to talk about myself! (I mean, who doesn’t like talking about themselves?) Among all the dreams I’ve ever had, there have always been two that have never changed. And those are writing and working with kids. Though I am pursuing both these dreams separately, I have found a way to combine them—writing children’s books. I have written plenty of kid’s stories that I plan to publish in the future, but I feel like a lot of people forget that there is something between childhood and adulthood. Though I prefer to work with the little ones in person, I found writing for teens to be a passion of mine.

    So what made me get serious about writing? Well, it took a bunch of little turns, but I think the first big one was a funny story from my childhood. When I first learned how to write, I wanted to make books like the ones on my shelf. As I grew, my “books”started copying the layouts of real stories. When I was about eight, I decided I wanted to write a book about Christmas. After stapling a stack of printer paper together, I set to work drawing a cover, writing the story, and illustrating each page. On the back, I wrote a description and price (just like a real book). When my grandma came to visit, I showed her my new book. She read the entire thing, and afterwards, flipped it over. She noticed the price tag and asked if she could buy it. I agreed and she handed me real money. And that’s when I realized what published authors really do. They get their books featured in stores and people buy them for their own pleasure. The first little light in the illuminated sign in my mind popped on—the sign that now reads: “Author”.


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