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Rebekah Felix

My Publications

I will add to the list as more are released.

In the Family

Fiction/Christian/Teen and Young Adult

In the Family Cover Small Image
In the Family Cover Small Image

    Aliyah is tired of her fellow classmates teasing her because of her blindness. Her only friend, Kyra, is worried that if her friends find out she hangs out with “that blind girl”, her reputation would be ruined. Aliyah begins to realize Kyra is only her friend half of the time.

    As they inch toward the end of their senior year of high school, Aliyah begins to wonder if she’ll find a true friend before graduation. But when she discovers she has a secret admirer, Hayden, her world turns upside down.

    As Aliyah begins to fall in love for the first time, she and Kyra begin to grow closer to each other and to Hayden’s friends. But lust, jealousy, and greed try to tear them apart. As Aliyah begins to learn Hayden’s family secrets, several unique situations arise that threaten to tear apart the entire group. Can they learn to love themselves, love each other, and love God the way the Bible instructs before they lose each other for good?

How to Buy:

E-Book: $4.99

Kindle: $7.99

Nook: $7.99

iBooks: $7.99

Paperback: $22.95

Hardcover: $38.95